My first portrait painting of a person and a dog together

by Judy McCraw in My first try
                                My First Try at Painting a Person With a Dog
This is my first try at painting a person with his dog.  A good friend had asked me if I could paint a portrait of her son and his dog for a Christmas present.  He had just lost his wife and the dog has been his constant companion since.  
My friend emailed the picture she wanted me to paint.  As I had never met her son or the dog, I knew this was going to be a challenge since I have never painted a portrait of a person.  But it was worth a try and she seemed very pleased with it, as did her son. 

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Judy This is fabulous! So are the rest of your paintings. Thank-you for sharing them with the world. Have a great New Year's eve and day. See you soon. Jewels

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