Specialized acrylic-dog paintings of your best friend with his heart and soul captured on canvas.  Accepting online and local commissions.  Email me three or four pictures of your dog facing you so the eyes are looking directly up at the camera.  Look at my website and you will understand what I am looking for.  This will help me capture his “soul and personality” through your dog’s eyes.  The size of the paintings are generally 12×16 inches, but can be somewhat smaller or larger depending on where you want to use them. The price for a paintings is $400.00 plus postage,  paid for by cashier’s check.  Once I receive the check, I will send you the painting.  
The original paintings on my website have all been sold. They are there just to show you my work.   If you would like a giclee, (A professionally produced inkjet print of an original painting, stretched over canvas) of one of these paintings,  the cost is $200.00. The giclee, once it is stretched over the canvas, looks exactly like an original painting. 
Much of my work is self-taught through reading books and magazines on art.  I finally started thinking seriously about painting in 2000, and through a friend, found a wonderful instructor who was willing to give me weekly private lessons along with my friend.  She taught art at Lewis and Clark College for thirty years and was Dean of Arts and Humanities.  She encouraged me to stay with my bold and painterly technique, as it had a very distinctive style that would be readily recognizable.  I painted with very bright colors and lots of texture.  Most of my paintings for the next nine years were scenes or flowers I had painted of pictures I had taken in Europe or locally.  I sold many of my paintings throughout those nine years.
My direction changed abruptly when a very dear friend asked me to paint her daughter’s dog.  I told her I didn’t paint dogs and that dogs were certainly not my expertise.  She was very ill at the time and really wanted me to paint the dog for her daughter’s birthday.  I reluctantly painted the dog…and much to my surprise, it was a good likeness, and the daughter loved it!  That was the start of my passion for painting dogs.  The most important aspect for me when painting a dog, is to get the soul of the dog through his eyes.  I am such an animal lover myself and have had my dog for 13 years.  When he looks at me with his wonderfully soulful eyes, my heart just melts.  That is what I try to capture when I am painting a dog