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Bulldog’s assessment of its housemate’s painting!

My client commissioned me to paint her two bulldogs.  I finished one, sent it.  When the second one arrived sometime later, she opened it and left it on a window seat.  She noticed her dog assessing the painting and snapped a picture and emailed it to me with the comment, “It was hilarious.  He saw… read more

My first portrait painting of a person and a dog together

                                  My First Try at Painting a Person With a Dog   This is my first try at painting a person with his dog.  A good friend had asked me if I could paint a portrait of her son… read more

A dog portrait in progress.

                My good friend’s German Shorthair Dog is almost finished!    I promised to paint my dear friend’s dog, “Stella” for her birthday.  That was in June.  It is now October.  But never fear, I’m almost done, and Stella is almost ready to take up residence in her new… read more